top albums of 2013

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15. john mayer - paradise valley
14. drew holcomb & the neighbors - good light
13. jars of clay - inland
12. the civil wars - self titled
11. derek webb - i’m sorry, i was wrong, and i love you
10. phoenix - bankrupt!
09. haim - days are gone
08. ben rector - the walking in between
07. ivan and alyosha - all the times we had
06. jason isbell - southeastern
05. vampire weekend - modern vampires of the city
04. gungor - i am mountain
03. andrew belle - black bear
02. the lone bellow - self titled
01. dawes - stories don’t end


top albums/ep’s of 2012

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It’s a little late I realize, but better later than never…

Top 10 Albums:

10. the lumineers - self titled
09. michael kiwanuka - home again
08. jenny & tyler - open your doors
07. sandra mccracken - desire like dynamite
06. taylor swift - red
05. andrew peterson - light for the lost boy
04. matthew perryman jones - land of the living
03. mumford & sons - babel
02. madi diaz - plastic moon
01. rayland baxter - feathers & fishhooks

Top 5 EP’s:

05. mat kearney - itunes session
04. denison witmer - the ones who wait (part 2)
03. kate york - new
02. robinson - fits & starts
01. marc scibilia - self titled

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Coffee options. Awesome.


The Attic Sessions - Episode 8: Madi Diaz


Nothing is yet in its true form.
— C.S. Lewis

You are right where you are supposed to be and it’s up to you to see that as good enough. If it’s not enough, you gotta get your perspective right and your head back on straight.

Stick to who you are, do not go down the ugly path of comparing and you’ll find your confidence, because no one can do what you are doing better than you! YOU are your biggest asset you see. Isn’t that comforting? Woo-hoo! And when you are being you, that grabs peoples attention. Don’t strive to fit in, strive to fit where you belong and you’ll be much happier.

Giving is the key to happiness, so don’t get so caught up on you. Get caught up on what your way of contributing might be. That’s real. That’s refreshing. That’s the ticket!

— Words of wisdom from Rosie Thomas. (source)

Marc Scibilia - Ain’t My Home

Beautiful song.


top albums/ep’s of 2011

(See 2009’s list, and 2010’s list)

Comment back with your own “top-whatever” lists if you’re up for it.

Top 10 Albums:

10. david mead - dudes 
09. drew holcomb & the neighbors - chasing someday 
08. arthur alligood - i have not seen the wind 
07. denison witmer - the ones who wait 
06. bon iver - bon iver  
05. david bazan - strange negotiations 
04. ben shive - the cymbal crashing clouds
03. adele - 21 
02. the civil wars - barton hollow  
01. fleet foxes - hopelessness blues

Top 5 EP’s:

05. league - leagues
04. kate york - fly away
03. jon troast - a
02. derek webb - tn ep
01. daniel dixon - take care


Being Elmo - Documentary.

This looks great.